The house is named after Bizet’s well-known aria from “Carmen”: ‘love is a rebellious bird that no one can tame…’, undoubtedly the most widely performed French opera in the world.

The opera deals with universal themes such as love and death. A dramatic and impossible story between two worlds that takes place in the ancient city of Seville -where the house is located today-. Carmen, a beautiful and temperamental gypsy woman earns her living as a cigarette maker in the tobacco factory and Don José, an officer in the army of Navarra, is seduced by the Sevillian woman and eventually ends up deserting his post. Little has changed the scenario of this city where the story of love and desire of Bizet takes place, except for its protagonists.

It is the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo, famous for its church of the ‘Great Power’ (Gran Poder), the most venerated after the Macarena church, which is located near the house and where the social, gastronomic and commercial activity of the city meets. Its location is equidistant to the Giralda tower, the bullring and the basilica of the Macarena.