Pájaro Rebelde is a unique concept of exclusivity and luxury. It is not a traditional rental house or a simple urban hotel where you can admire the skyline of the city.

It is a completely unique and different accommodation concept and experience.

As is customary in France, the owners of estates and palaces open the doors of their homes to some select groups of friends, meetings of directors or families to share an experience of living together and show them the typical aspects of the place.

Pájaro Rebelde is a traditional Sevillian house with 7 bedrooms, common areas, terraces and an outdoor garden, where staying for a few days or holding a memorable event becomes a sublime experience.

This is how we live in Pájaro Rebelde, as it was in the time of the ancient Hispalis, the name given to Seville in ancient Rome, becoming the second most important city in the world during the empire of Trajan and Hadrian, and later during the 16th century.

“Imagine entering through the typical Arab entrance hall with the votive offering of bird mosaic, direct your steps towards the interior patio, perceive the fresh air as you go through the glass gallery and end up entering a tropical garden. The protagonists there are the song of the birds and the sound of the water. Sit down to have breakfast under the shady freshness of the orange trees…” Now stop imagining and come to live this exclusive experience.